3 practices that will help you stand out on social media.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, there are many people who still don’t know how to leverage online tools. If you are among this group, you might be unaware that, even if you are not an active user, people can still access some of your information online. So, if you think it’s high time to improve  your digital life, you should read the following practices.

3. Choose good profile pictures

Even with the existing privacy settings, you don’t have any control over your friends’ and followers’ devices. So, despite not all platforms requiring professional pictures, you should be careful of the kind of photos you post, as they will appear not only in your profile but also in other people’s timelines.

2. Choose the right communities and be pro-active

To improve your network and connect with the right audience for your products or kind of interests, join strong communities in various social media platforms whose discussions bring high level content and add knowledge for you. Make sure you are really engaged in the discussions. By replying the comments or starting new subjects, you are sharing your thoughts and making yourself visible to the others in addition to building your own online brand.

  1. Be yourself

Selling a good image of ourselves doesn’t mean we need to create a different online persona. So, don’t try to impress people with unrealistic information about yourself – you never know when you’ll meet them in person.

All of these practices are the beginning of the work you need to do to build your image on the internet. And if  you want to understand a bit more about the different platforms,  this explanation by Professor Jerry Kane is a good source to start:

Stay tuned for more good practices to have a successful digital life.


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