Information, Interactivity, Interoperability and Advertising in the digital environment.

The transformation of our behavior and methods of work into digital processes was possible due to the invention of the World Wide Web. Improved by technological development that enabled the users to easily access web content, it became the Web 2.0, also known as the “participatory web”.

Platforms such as Facebook and Google+ allowed the creation of communities that share interests and interact differently from the traditional social organizations.

The large amount of information that we produce and software we use are no longer stored on servers or hard drives but they are hosted by companies that we refer as “in the cloud”.

However, making the information available in the cloud might not be entirely useful if we could not access it from our different devices. A high level of “interoperability” (Palfrey and Gasser, 2012) is the answer to the demand that expects their devices interact each other by sharing data and running software.

The easy access to information on the web, the possibility of online interaction and the interoperability brought benefits since their combination produces a more efficient flow of information through interconnected systems, communities and devices.  That increases people and businesses’ productivity, streamlines processes and promotes creativity.

On the other hand, the digital era also introduced challenges such as the excess of information to be managed, the concerns about personal safety on the social media and the risk of losing security and privacy in the interoperable systems. Besides, users’ data are traded by companies such as Facebook and Google so the advertisers can match their products to the right audience.

The development of more effective and safer ways of managing the information, the transparency of the design of the social media and the optimization of the interoperability are expected improvements for the web in a near future.


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