Building a personal brand statement.

If you have ever developed a personal brand statement, you must be familiar to its purpose of delivering a concise and effective message that describes your strong skills and expertise.

In this post, I will share with you what aspects I considered relevant to build my personal brand statement. Firstly, I asked myself some questions:

  • Among the skills I’ve achieved, which of them are relevant to appear in the statement?
  • Do the skills represent my passions as well?
  • How can I use them to help people?

As I have been exploring new means of communicating my ideas, I decided to find a way to explain how I could use my previous experience in the field of design and the new skills I am building  not only to deliver modern solutions but also to present them through up-to-date tools. Respecting the need of summarizing the information, I avoided explaining each area of expertise. Instead, I preferred to say how their combination addresses a need.

I especially considered very important to emphasize how I can help people. That is because I believe that my personal brand statement should not just be limited to the unique way I can contribute to the society but, actually, it must show how I would create different solutions, addressing each case as a unique opportunity to evolve.

As a result, I developed my personal brand statement:

I combined my passion for creative activities, ranging from hand drawing to digital tools and video making, and my knowledge in architecture and science to help people envision solutions that will improve  the environments where they live.


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